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Important consumer warning: unauthorized resellers!

Thank you for visiting the official GMC Medical website. Our mission is to offer skin care solutions on the cutting edge of technology as well as unparalleled service to our customers.

We strongly recommend that GMC Medical products be purchased exclusively from qualified estheticians or licensed beauty institutes and clinics.

GMC Medical does not sell its products online. All GMC Medical products marketed by unauthorized resellers and online stores are not approved or endorsed by GMC Medical.

To find a local authorized dealer of GMC Medical products please call customer service at 1-844-789-1802 (USA) or 1-844-789-1801 (Canada).

IMPORTANT WARNING: Unauthorized Retailers

GMC Medical asks consumers to be mindful and cautious when buying cosmetic products online, as these could be counterfeit or they could have exceeded their expiration date. They may present health risks when used or may not perform as tested. If you purchase a GMC Medical product from an unauthorized reseller, we cannot guarantee its quality, authenticity, or your satisfaction.

GMC Medical will not be liable for any consumer dissatisfaction.

The websites listed below claim to resell our products but are in no way related to GMC Medical and are not part of our list of authorized distributors. Thus, we strongly recommend that you always purchase your GMC Medical products through our authorized partners.

Unauthorised GMC Medical distributor
  • Ebay
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Wallgreens
  • Etc.